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Riga cremation centre – crematorium” is operating at the building and the land of the Riga crematorium and offers cremation services since 2006.

During this time, and due to the lack of places in the cemetaries of Riga and number of cremations is growing, the Municipality of Riga has bought two modern cremation lines. The new cremation ovens have a capacity of more than 200 cremations per month.

The cremation lines are operatied by highly qualified staff, who have passed educational programs for work with dangerous gas equipment as well as special trainings of the producer for the work on the cremation lines of TABO-CS.

The company sistemates and archivates the register of the cremations, in which since the start of work of the Riga crematorium in Latvia in 1994 all the creamtions are registered and have all necessary documentation. Since fall 2016 the company has a partnership with the special website, which gathers all the information about the death cases in Latvia.

The company offers full range of services of cremation, works with funeral companies of Riga and Latvia for cremations as well as with all largest hospitals of Latvia for the cremation of biomaterials. The company regularly informs mass media about the availability of cremation services, as well as tells about the history and traditions of the fire funerals in Latvia. During the period from 2006 to 2018 the company had a partnership with Riga Municipality for cremations of dead people, who did not have relatives.

Starting from November 2016 the company has made serious investments in the maintenance of the building of the crematorium and the surrouning territory in aim to preserve the building as the cultural and historic monument as a part of Rainis cemetary.

During the time of its work the company has received a good reputation between the providers of funeral services and lots of positive recommendations from the customers. The company gives working places to more than 20 specialists and is the largest tax payer in the field of funeral service providers.