What is the price of cremation?
A relative died, what to do now?

If a person has died at home, you must first contact family doctor or treating doctor, who should be informed of the incident and who will also issue a death certificate. If the deceased dies in hospital, the death certificate is issued at the relevant hospital. By our phone +371 67367062 you can immediately call our transport, which will take the deceased to our morgue for further actions. During working hours (see Office working hours), a relative must come to our office at the address Varoņu Street 3A, Riga, in order to organize a cremation or a funeral.

When can I get a capsule with ash?

The ash capsule can be normally obtained starting from the third working day after cremation (the day of farewell). There can also be exceptions with shorter time on special demand. Capsules can be obtained from our office on weekdays from 9.00 to 15.00 or on Saturdays from 9.00 to 12.00.

Who can receive the ash capsule?

The ash capsule may be obtained by the person who completed the cremation application or by another person authorized by the cremation applicant. In the event that the capsule is issued to another person without authorization, the staff will call the cremation applicant to obtain authorization to dispense the capsule. Upon receipt of the capsule, it is obligatory to present a valid identity card. Accompanying documents are issued along with the capsule.

What are your working hours?

On weekdays, the office is open from 9:00 to 16:00 on Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00. The office is closed on Sunday.

Do you provide all funeral or cremation services?

We are a funeral company that provides all services related to funeral and cremation, from transporting the deceased from home, hospital or boarding house to the issue of an ash capsule or burial in a cemetery. We are not a medical institution, we do not fix the fact of death, we do not organize a doctor’s examination of the deceased, we do not conduct autopsies, and we do not issue death certificates.


If a person died at home at night or on a weekend, relatives should be sure that the attending (family) doctor of the deceased will issue a special certificate of death on the next working day. In this case, we can transport the deceased to our morgue for further actions. If the deceased did not have a family doctor or relatives are not sure that the doctor will issue a death certificate, unfortunately we will not be able to transport the deceased to us, because, as stated in the previous paragraph, we have no right to perform medical actions.

Do you organize funerals at the cemetery?

Yes, we also offer organizing of a traditional funeral in the cemetery, renting a special transport, porters, ordering funeral wreaths.

I lost the issued cover letter of ash capsule, is it possible to get a copy?

If the cover letter is lost, the cremation applicant or authorized person may request a copy of the cover letter. A copy of the cover letter, if cremation occurred no earlier than 5 years ago, is issued free of charge. Copies of an archived cover letter over 5 years old cost 10EUR.