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Funeral services we provide

We offer to use our morgue services and the opportunity to tear up the deceased for the funeral ceremony, choose a coffin and other necessary accessories from a wide range of funeral accessories. There are various coffins available, both wooden and draped, crosses, coffin covers, national blankets. We offer specialized transport – hearse services to deliver the deceased to the chosen cemetery, coffin bearer services, funeral ceremony leaders, as well as musical accompaniment at the funeral.

Funeral services provided only by a cemetery manager

In order to be able to organize a funeral in a cemetery, it is necessary that there is a free place in the cemetery. Relatives should find out about the availability of new cemetery sites or the possibility to bury the deceased in the existing family cemetery by going to the cemetery of the respective cemetery. The excavation and backfilling of the grave, the use of the chapel of the respective cemetery at a certain time, the shaving of the grave site must be agreed upon and the services must be paid for in the relevant cemetery office. We can provide the rest of the procedure, which includes funeral services.

Riga Cremation Center – Crematorium provides funeral services throughout the territory of Latvia.


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